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    Bianca Raffety, MA, LMHC

    You are not alone. We all struggle with moving from surviving to thriving. Channeling your power to seek help along your journey is a significant step towards unpacking and embracing what this means for you. In the unique environment of therapy, we can focus on your reality and your needs on your journey towards change.

    In the protected space of therapy, we partner to access healing through your stories; to access your strength to shape a new narrative. We will actively recognize and navigate how culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, and intersections of additional visible and invisible identities have been a part of how your life journey has been shaped. You will expand your self-awareness to nurture and heal wounds, champion a resilient foundation for you to develop insight and understanding of yourself and those around you, and foster fulfilling relationships.

    Throughout your therapeutic journey, I will earnestly provide a non-judgmental environment to facilitate trust, acceptance, and growth. I adhere to the notion that each person is the expert of their own life and possesses the necessary resources for a more fulfilling daily and lifelong experience. I specialize in providing integrated psychological support with a strong foundation in mind/body approaches to health and wellbeing, trauma research and recovery, and feminist and indigenous psychology.

    I bring 20 years of experience providing somatic therapies as a yoga teacher/therapist and as a massage therapist.

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