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    Kaitlyn Sheridan, MA, LMHC

    We live in an absurd world, running into expected narratives about how life should be and how we should feel and think. These experiences can lead to suffering: overwhelming feelings of isolation, meaninglessness, and permanence, leaving us feeling broken. We cannot change our experiences, but we can change our relationship with those experiences, what they mean, and how we approach them.

    I specialize in working with children (10+), adolescents, and women. My core theoretical orientations that form my practice are Existential-Phenomenology, Buddhism, and feminism. My therapeutic work collaboratively supports you by disrupting the dominant social, cultural, religious, and economic narrative and reconnecting you to your inner strength, wisdom, perspective, and values. I provide authentic, empathetic, and unconditional support for person-centered healing that seeks to expand your potential for growth, resiliency, and change. I work together with you to increase your self-awareness, acceptance, and expression to help you become more whole and connected.

    I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents, identity difficulties, self-esteem, life transitions, motherhood, spiritual and existential concerns, isolation, suicidal thoughts and feelings, LGBTQIA+ challenges, domestic violence, neurodiversity, behavioral concerns, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I am body positive and sex positive.

    I believe that you already have what it takes to be the best you. Sometimes that insight is blocked for myriad reasons. I hope to provide the support and space for you to grow. You have a right to wholeness, respect, and to be heard.

    In person sessions: Tuesdays and Thursday 1-6pm

    Telehealth sessions: Monday and Wednesdays 1-6pm

    To contact me directly, email: [email protected]

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